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Real Estate Handout (2.7 MB, high resolution)
For Forest Hills homeowners selling their home, print this two-sided flyer to accompany your info sheet. It graphically depicts the added value of owning a home in Forest Hills. Hint: Highlight your home on the map.
Small version (258 KB, not for printing)

National Crime Prevention Council's
Home Security Checklist

Mosquito Control (Marion Co. Health Dept)
Will fog within 24 hours of calling 221.7440

Meridian Kessler Neighborhood

Meridian Street Foundation

Meridian Street Preservation Commission

Broad Ripple Village

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful

Community Trees

Indiana DNR

Indiana Historical Society

Indianapolis Historical Preservation

Angie's List

Craigs List

City Search

In keeping with the "Forest" in our name, we appreciate what Tonic MailStopper does. Joining via this link credits Forest Hills 15% of your subscription. (Hey, someone's gonna get it; it may as well be us!)

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