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Hello Friends,


With the snowy weather lots of our children have enjoyed playing outside. It is great to see the neighborhood still so lively! I wonder if we'll still be outside when it's snowing in March.


While no one wants to deter winter fun, there have been some concerns expressed about sledding on dangerous neighborhood hills, particularly the steep lawns on Wildwood. Last year I watched my own daughter sled down one of these hills - she had enough momentum that she not only slid into the street, she slid completely across it. We no longer sled there!


Please help keep our neighborhood kids safe with the following suggestions:


1) Encourage your children to NOT sled anywhere close to the street, or where there are trees.

2) If you see children sledding in a dangerous spot, even if you don't know them, consider asking them to stop (or spank them if it's my kid).

3) Advise your kids to ask a neighbor if it's okay to play in their yard before they do so.


Thanks for your openness with this matter, and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!


Julie Moeller


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