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  • Forest Ln, Guilford Ave, & 58th St Point
  • August 13, 2022
  • Saturday, 4PM to 8PM

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2022 Summer Picnic

Forest Ln, Guilford Ave, & 58th St Point

Saturday, 4PM to 8PM
August 13, 2022



The Forest Hills Summer Picnic event will be at the Forest Lane, Guilford Avenue and 58th Street Point. For those oldsters reading this, you already know the drill. For you new neighbors, the Summer Picnic is our second oldest neighborhood event and is always the best attended.
Thanks to your dues, the neighborhood association will provide food, great beer/wine and soft drinks, and entertainment for both adults and children.
Entertainment for the kids usually includes several inflatables in the form of a large bounce house and slide, water slide, toddler bounce house (for smaller kids), and possibly some trips around the neighborhood in the infamous chicken limo. Also, please bring a towel for the water features. For those of you with smaller kids, please note that the inflatables won’t be formally supervised, so please keep an eye on your kids. For the adults, live music and plenty of adult beverages will be on hand. The Summer Picnic is truly intended to be a party for all neighbors, young and old.
Even numbered houses bring a dessert to share. Odd numbered houses bring veggies, salad or fruit to share. Please, nothing that has to be heated or kept cold – and nothing huge, we’ll have more than enough.
The Summer Picnic is one of the reasons you all moved here so please come, meet new neighbors, and enjoy one of the best events Forest Hills has to offer.
This event is open to Forest Hills residents only.