Welcome to Forest Hills!

Dear New Neighbor,

Welcome to our beautiful neighborhood!

Forest Hills is bounded by Kessler to the North, by College to the East, by Northview Street to the South, and by the Monon Trail to the West. Within those boundaries are 23 blocks, each of which is represented by a “Block Captain”.

You’ve moved into a lovely “older” neighborhood! Along with that comes the tradition of being in a “Neighborhood Association”. Many older neighborhoods have an ongoing association that serves as a network for its neighbors. Membership is automatic upon moving into a residence within Forest Hills, but dues are voluntary. We would like to explain a little bit about Forest Hill Neighborhood Association (FHNA), and the benefits you might enjoy from it.

There are four officers on the FHNA Board: President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary. Additionally, there are five additional board members, many of whom head up committees that do much of the planning and implementation for the numerous activities that FHNA sponsors throughout the year. Each board member serves a three-year period (but may be nominated to continue to be on the board, if they wish). Board meetings take place every other month, typically in the home of one of the board members. They are open to everyone, but if you’d like to attend, it’s asked that you state your intention to be there, so that the person hosting can expect you, and so that any items you would like to have addressed (if any) are put on the agenda.

As mentioned, each block has a Block Captain, and that individual will distribute The Columns (the FHNA newsletter), reports any problems on the block to the Board, and watches for new neighbors so they are welcomed to the neighborhood, and so that the neighborhood roster and directory remains updated.

FHNA dues go to fund numerous activities, which include (annually) a Garage Sale in the spring, usually a Progressive Dinner and Garden Tour in the spring (separate events), a Summer Picnic, an Annual Meeting which is also in the summer, a Halloween Party, and the Luminaries during the holidays. (That’s one of the loveliest scenes in the city, especially if it snows!). The fee to fund all of those activities is $50 per household.

By paying annual dues and registering online, you also gain access to the full neighborhood portal including the online neighbor directory and board minutes. Please take a moment to do so. You’ll be glad you did!

Welcome to Forest Hills! We hope you’ll find it a pleasant and happy place to live.