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  • Forest Ln, Guilford Ave, & 58th St Point
  • April 27, 2024
  • Saturday, 9AM to 12PM

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2024 Forest Hills Spring Cleaning & Beautification Day

Forest Ln, Guilford Ave, & 58th St Point

Saturday, 9AM to 12PM
April 27, 2024


The Forest Hills Spring Cleanup is our annual way to make our neighborhood shine!

We here at the Forest Hills Neighborhood Association envision Community Day as an investment in Forest Hills through targeted clean-up and assisting under-abled neighbors who may need a helping hand around their property.

This year we’re looking to have 2 different crews this year, led by Don Arbogast. One crew will work on helping to clean up some of the accumulated debris at the intersections and the other will be working to trim overgrown branches near stop signs for improved visibility.

We’re seeking volunteers (many hands make light work) for an estimated 90 to 120 minutes that day. Please come to 58th & Guilford Ave., on April 27th @ 9:00 AM to help!